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INNOVATION means the creation, development, and implementation of a new product, process, or service with the goal of improving efficiency, effectiveness, or competitive advantage.

BEST PRACTICES are generally acknowledged techniques, methods or processes that are proven in use over time to accomplish a desired outcome more efficiently and with fewer problems and complications than a majority of potential alternatives.

But how is innovation invoked? And how are best practices assured? Success is usually not a coincidence. Neither is it obtained by doing things the way they were done yesterday. The success of a new product or business is the result of thorough planning, use of best in class methods and practices, hard work and by optimum use of business strengths and knowledge to explore new opportunities, by challenging the ordinary, and by exploiting untraditional solutions.

 Let assist you in

  • bringing new ideas and perspectives to your products, solutions and business processes by combining a creative mindset and unbiased views with know-how and years of practical experience in professional product and business development.
  • defining, planning, and managing your projects and programmes by embedding your business processes and/or innovation processes in a structured context and by utilising well-proven and best-practice PRINCE2 project management and MSP programme management methodologies along with CobiT IT Governance framework.
  • introducing lean and agile techniques like SCRUM into you business.
  • setting up and implementing efficient project, programme, portfolio and business work flows and processes or assist with PMO (Project/Programme Management Office) services and activities by scaling and adapting best-practice and lean methodologies to you exact needs. In this way, you get access to up-to-date P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Project)-knowledge and methodologies, and access to years of practical experience in establishing and running PMOs.
  • defining and implementing project reporting and cockpit/control board monitors and processes that provides your organisation with overviews and key status information on you project portfolio
  • implementing methodologies for and doing Management of Risks in projects and programmes
  • introducing and implementing P3M3TM or CMMI inspired maturity assessment processes
  • establishing quality assurance methods routines in your projects, programmes and development processes
  • assisting you with interim management tasks. In this way, you get professional help in situations with temporary lack of management resources and at the same time you bring many years of professional experience in innovation, turning ideas into products, and optimising business processes into work in your organisation.

All services are provided by certified project management resources having seniority and years of practical experience from positions in Danish and International companies.


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PRINCE2, is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries. MSP, is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries. P3O, is Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries. P3M3TM, is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce.

CobiT is a Registered Trade Mark of the ISACA Organisation.








The only way of predicting future is to have the power of creating it. (Erik Hoffer)

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